Monday, February 24, 2014

Barre Crawl: The Dailey Method!

We just returned from a week in sunny San Diego, California. Doesn't that sound nice? Yes, it was. The weather was beautiful. We stayed with a fun friend, went to Sea World, Legoland, the Safari Park... We Instagrammed photos like this:

And this:

But really, we spent most of our time doing this:

Watching Bob the Builder in our pj's as early as 2.30am. Flying west with early-rising east-coast small people is not very restful, but we had miles to use. We wanted to go someplace warm. We love our friend. It all seemed like a good idea at the time.

I mention this because I was kind of a basket case during the first few days of our trip. Not enough sleep + sightseeing + eating my weight in chocolate - my usual daily barre workout = a very creaky and cranky Mommy.

So it was with great joy that I skulked like Quasimodo into The Dailey Method's San Diego studio bright and early Tuesday morning! I was very excited to try TDM, ever since I watched this video:
I love this. Mostly because I've actually made people feel my thighs before.

Plus, first class was only ten bucks! Barre-gain!

Anyway, The Dailey Method was founded by Jill Dailey, a kinesiologist. Unsurprisingly, TDM is very alignment-focused. It's one of the barre brands that really prides itself on being uber-safe. Honestly, I've done lots of barre and have found pretty much all of it to be very therapeutic. I've never taken a class that has been bothersome for me, but for anyone with specific issues, TDM might be a good choice.

And--TDM has childcare! The San Diego studio offers it a few days a week and it's very affordable--only $5 per class, and there are deals to get it even cheaper. For this, may God bless them and keep them and make his face to shine upon them and give them peace. Amen.

My instructor was Ashley, and she was terrific. She cued really well, and led us in an oh-my-good-grief-I-could-barely-get-through-it seat section. Really. I could hardly do it. Wow.

TDM isn't quite party-in-a-box like Physique 57, but it was a super class with lots of stretching. You know how I feel about stretching. I felt like Gumby when it was over. In fact, I had unbelievable lalalas after this class. The crappier you feel when you go in, the better you feel when you go out. Words to live by.

I would have loved to have taken more classes at The Dailey Method, but I'm part of a family and the world doesn't revolve around me. This is what I tell my small people and I have to practice what I preach. Still, we made time for another really amazing class that I'll tell you about next time!

In the meantime, check out The Dailey Method. They have 53 locations around the world--mostly the west coast of the US, as well as studios in Canada, Mexico and Paris! So for all my Euro-readers, there's something for you. There are also a couple of videos, which I haven't tried, but I've heard good things about them. They're available on download and DVD!


  1. "Barre-gain." I love it :) Also, it drives me crazy that everything is so expensive in NYC and everywhere else goods and services are essentially $2.

    1. Yes, NYC is crazy expensive! I would love to move back, but the DH figured he'd have to earn 5x what he does now to have 1/2 the standard of living! :( Though you are spoiled for fitness classes...

  2. You have such a wonderful blog!...The only thing I really dislike is the picture of the captive dolphins...especially after all the news about Taiji dolphin hunts, which we basically support by visiting such parks...

    1. We got back from our trip and several friends said, "You went to Sea World??!" I had never heard of the documentary or controversy surrounding it... yikes! Well, now we know, but sadly after the fact!

  3. OMG I know a woman like that in the's annoying. She has no idea how much she humblebrags...or maybe she does?

    Glad you had a good trip!

    1. Ha! The only thing about that video that drove me nuts is the 'my boyfriend said he doesn't date girls with flat butts.' Please. If that's how he feels--dump him.