Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We Don't Need an IV Drip: A Holiday Art Show Rant

I just got another email from the PTO president from Darling Son #2's school--we still need people to bring refreshments for this morning's holiday art show!! I can't stop off to get refreshments. I have to take DS#1 to school before coming to the show. Stopping off at Dunkin' Donuts will get me to the show with only fifteen minutes to peruse my budding little artist's oeuvre d'art. I feel badly, though. Poor PTO president is doing a job I would never want to do in a million years. God bless her.

The whole thing got me thinking... why do we need refreshments at the holiday art show? It's 8.30 in the morning. Didn't everyone just eat breakfast? Why do we need food at every. single. function?

Back in October I went to the doctor. The practice treats children, too. As I was checking out at the desk, I noticed a plastic orange pumpkin filled with lollipops. Really?? We're giving out lollipops at the doctor's office? My kids get a lollipop at the barber shop, and somehow that doesn't bother me. I guess because it's just the barber. It's not a supposedly health promoting enterprise.

Later that week, I notice another health blogger has seen lollipops at the doctor's office and ranted about it, and I read the comments. Everyone agrees it's ridiculous to offer lollipops at the doctor's office, but one commenter says, "They should offer fruit!"

Certainly, fruit would be better, but why do they need ANYTHING!?? It's the DOCTOR'S OFFICE! It's not a restaurant! Why do we have to have food everywhere we go? It's everywhere.

People don't need to be hooked up to food and drink every waking hour of the day. I've been reading about this lately, and it's quite interesting. When we eat, our blood sugar rises. Especially when we eat carbohydrates. Elevated blood sugar is toxic (this is why diabetics have problems), so the body pumps out insulin to lower blood sugar. Then all is right with the world again. But if we eat constantly, over time, our bodies start sticking their metaphorical fingers in their metaphorical ears. Lalalala, insulin, I'm not listening! This is called insulin resistance and it's a precursor to diabetes.

We don't need to eat all the time. We really don't.

But the poor PTO president... everyone's sticking their fingers in their ears. LALALALA! I don't want to go to Dunkin' Donuts before the art show! So I tell her, I have clementines. Is that ok?

At least it's fruit??

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