Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DH took umbrage with a part of my last post. He insists he did not use the terms 'coupon' and 'volume discount' when attempting to negotiate with the surly man at Bendel's. He does concede that 'gift sets' could be interpreted as 'volume discounts,' but he is quite adamant that the word 'coupon' never escaped his lips.

I tried to convince him of the humour of someone asking about coupons at a place like Bendel's. That it's just too funny for words. That it was a little artistic license. That now that I'm a blogger on the road to fame and fortune, we all had to make some sacrifices. He said that the coupon bit just wasn't true, and that veracity is important. DH is a very honest person, and I'll be the first to say that's a nice quality in a husband. And I don't want it to seem like DH is some kind of yokel, or a FOB. If you don't know what a FOB is, ask your local ABC. (Bonus points for anyone who correctly defines those terms in the comments section.)

So, ix-nay on the coupon thing. I do want you all to feel that I'm giving you the straight scoop on things, so you'll be glad to know that I actually tried bouncing a quarter on my thighs. It worked.

You just have to get the right spin on the quarter.

Anyway, it's a been a few days since I started blogging and I thought I'd let you know how my family is adjusting to it. It's true that I'm spending more time on my computer and less time doing other things. Like laundry. I mean, I'm still doing it, it's just sitting a few hours longer in the dryer. (And by 'hours,' I mean 'days.') So we're a little wrinklier around here, but we're still clean... relatively. Of course, the kids don't mind, but DH does need to look a little bit nice for work, so I'm trying a little harder with the laundry. Because, you know, marriage is important.

And then there are some other things. Like reading to the children. DS#1 just asked me to read Make Way for Ducklings and I rerouted him to his father, who is just lying in bed trying to wake up for the day. Now they're having a little father-son bonding time. So you see, blogging is good for the family.

But, you know, I'm not going to lie (that being the whole point of this post.) Blogging is hard work. Especially since I'm blogging about exercise. Which means I actually have to exercise. Which I enjoy, but still, it's time spent. So there's the exercising, the blogging, and then I have to promote my blog so people actually read it. The road to blogging fame and fortune is going to be pretty rocky if no one reads it. So I'm now on Twitter. All for the sake of the blog. And my marriage. And my family. Fame and fortune is going to bless us all. That's what I keep telling them.

Though it's not all about what we're going to get out of this. One of my readers commented over on Facebook that she reads my blog while she's up in the night with her newborn. I'm no stranger to those nighttime feedings, and the fact that I can bring a smile to the face of a beleaguered nursing mother really turns my blog into a ministry. Not to mention what smiling and laughing does for let-down. So I'm promoting breast-feeding.

Babies all over the world will have fewer ear infections thanks to my blog. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In general, though, I'd say the whole experience is giving me a lot of compassion for film stars. They have to rehearse, then actually make the movie. Then there are all the press junkets and interviews. It's exhausting. And I don't even have to deal with the paparazzi... yet.


  1. I just want to be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS to Liz B. for correctly identifying FOB--Fresh off the boat! I don't know why her comment didn't post over here on the blog. I might need to find a new blog host. Blogger is not doing it for me!

    Now what about 'ABC'?? Anyone??

  2. And Amy M. wins the prize for ABC--American-born Chinese. Well played, ladies. When I'm a successful blogger, I'll have prizes and everything.

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