Monday, October 7, 2013


Every now and again I make a funny. Or say something mildly insightful. My husband has been telling me for a while that I should write a blog. Recently I got a little encouragement from one of my cyber-friends (it doesn't take much! Hubris is a marvelous thing...) and so I've launched my own blog. Ta da!
From time to time, I'll post a little tidbit about life with my husband and two boys, though usually I'll tell you about my workouts, because I love my workouts... almost as much as I love my husband and two boys.
I should introduce you to my cast of characters.
First, there is Darling Husband, known henceforth as DH:
I know, isn't he handsome? He could be a film star!
Wait, that is a film star--Chow Yun Fat, whom DH has been told he resembles. The point is that DH is ethnically Chinese, and not the slight-build type, but the broad-shouldered, full-face type. Yes, they exist, and my DH is one of them.

This is I:
Kidding! But back when I was a teacher, a first-grader told me I looked like Brittany Spears. (This was back in Britt's pre-skank days, I'm glad to say.) At the time, I didn't know who Brittany Spears was, but a Justin Timberlake-loving fellow teacher told me this was high praise coming from a six year old. The point is that I am a fair-haired white chick, and unlike Brit, I have blue eyes, which puts me firmly into the recessive gene pool. 

Yup, DH is all things genetically dominant, and if the Punnett Square is to be believed, our off-spring should look like this:

Instead, they look like this:

I know, super cute, but not exactly halfsie-looking. 

I plan to become a very successful and famous blogger, and you know how celebrities get their knickers in a twist when people post pictures of their children on the internet? Well, I believe in dressing for the job you want to have, so I tried to find stock photos of kids who look like my kids so I wouldn't have to put up pictures of my actual kids, but none such photos exist. It couldn't be helped. This is an image of our actual progeny. And they don't look at all Chinese.

When Darling Son #1 came out all fair and blond, we figured it was a fluke. This was the 25% of the Punnett Square! Surely the next one will look properly Eurasian, so we eagerly awaited the birth of Darling Son #2, all excited to see what he would turn out like. 

His hair is slightly darker, but he has BLUE EYES.

Our children have taught us many things, not the least of which is that someone in DH's genetic past took up with a missionary. There has to be a great story back there... maybe someday I'll make it up, and Chow Yun Fat can have the starring role.


  1. Where did you find a stock photo of my kids...oh wait. I guess theres no surprise missionaries in my hubbies family tree!
    Miss you guys!

  2. Ha! Those are actually the Gosselin children of reality TV fame (the photo above my kids.) You probably haven't heard of them in AUS... at least, I hope not. I'm quite certain they will require significantly more therapy than your kids ever would. :)

  3. What's reality TV?


    Sort of.